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"The collaboration with 4soft enabled us to successfully launch a DeFi platform in just three months. The initial workshops helped us avoid some potentially costly mistakes. Their specialists are reliable, and their top management oversees the partnership. Overall, the entire Colony team was pleased to work with 4soft hand in hand."

Elie Le Rest

“We are impressed with 4soft’s work pace and experience. They act quickly and contribute significant blockchain market context that comes from their past projects, combined with expertise from other software development areas. So happy to have come across them.“

Wilson Davis
COO at Paribus

“What impresses me most about 4soft is their adaptability to our business. They provide both top-quality code and valuable blockchain business insights.I’d recommend 4soft to anyone who needs both proactive tech specialists and business expertise for their project.”

Lukas Kujawa
Engineering Director at Elliptic

“4soft’s team added a lot of value to our product development process, providing us with the expertise we needed to bring this complex project to life. The team was very professional and capable of instantly reacting to the inevitable changes that occur in the design phase of such an innovative project.”

Sanjeev Kumar
Chief Technology Officer at Artclear

"They’ve been skillful, proficient, and good communicators throughout the workflow. Thanks to 4soft’s effort, we have successfully delivered the initial release of our v2 governance app by building new modules and enhancing its features. The team executed a smooth workflow and used an agile approach to ensure the project’s success."

Dmitry Meltsov
Head of Product at Jsgenesis

"Since 4soft developers joined our team, the speed of the development has significantly increased. We are able to eliminate bottlenecks in the area and significantly reduce time to market. Their upper management understands our business needs and covers them in a timely manner."

Name Surname
R&D Manager AT gigaset

“The collaboration with 4soft was efficient and highly productive. 4soft’s team delivered all the requested frontend components on time, and experts were ready to work overtime to deliver. All team members had a proactive attitude and hands-on approach to solving problems, which was important for handling the project’s complexity. They created a stable, consistent system we use every day.”

Radek Gorski
Customer Success Director at Profectus
Development time
Use case
Risk evaluation
Futher use
Prove technical
Development time
Days | weeks
Researchers, Developers
Use case
Test technical aspects
Risk evaluation
Reduces risk of technical problems
Small budget
Not for sale
Futher use
Technical prototype or MVP development
Number of users
business concept
Total credit limit
Total credit limit
Stakeholders, Investors,
Focus groups
Total credit limit
Fill gaps in a flow, pitch the product idea
Total credit limit
Reduces risk of user dissatisfaction
Total credit limit
Medium budget
Total credit limit
Not for sale, Generates further investment
Total credit limit
MVP development
Number of users
Validate an idea & find a product-market fit based on real end-user feedback
Total credit limit
Total credit limit
Early adopters, Investors
Total credit limit
Look for a market fit by assessing user feedback, Get funding
Total credit limit
Reduces risk of building a product with no market
Total credit limit
Well-defined budget
Total credit limit
Sells to early adopters, Generates investment
Total credit limit
Full-fiedged product development
team growth

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Crafting success

Our Development Lifecycle

1. Requirements Gathering

At the outset, it's important to determine the client's needs and requirements for the software being developed. This can involve meetings with the client to discuss the desired features, functionalities, and overall scope of the project.

2. Design

Once the requirements have been gathered, the development team should create a design plan for the software. This can involve creating wireframes, mockups, and other visual representations of the software's user interface and functionality.

3. Development

This stage involves actually building the software, using a chosen programming language, tools, and frameworks. The development team should work closely together to ensure that the software is being built to meet the requirements outlined in the design phase.

4. Testing

Once the software is built, it needs to be thoroughly tested to identify any bugs or issues. This can involve unit testing, integration testing, and other forms of quality assurance to ensure that the software is functioning as intended.

5. Deployment

After testing, the software can be deployed to production. This can involve setting up hosting environments, configuring servers, and installing the software on users' machines.

6. Maintenance and Support

Finally, the software will require ongoing maintenance and support, including updates, bug fixes, and user support.


Transformative Digital Product Development

Customized solutions for increased efficiency, security, and transparency in operations

Elevate Your Digital Transformation

Harness the power of our cutting-edge technologies to seamlessly transition entire teams or unique processes into the digital landscape.

Optimized Business Processes

Streamline and automate with our innovative digital solutions. Say goodbye to tedious, repetitive tasks and embrace efficient, manual-free operations.

Cost-Efficient and Time-Saving Innovations

Drive efficiency through modernized processes. Benefit from substantial time and cost savings, allowing you to reinvest in what matters most.

Achieve Targeted Business Milestones

Tailored to fit, our product development solutions ensure that your business objectives are met and growth strategies are flawlessly executed.

On-Budget Solutions

Rest assured, our transparent pricing and cost-effective methodologies ensure that your project stays within budget, maximizing your ROI.

Timely Delivery

Deadline-driven and committed to excellence, we guarantee that your project will be delivered on schedule, every time.


Recent projects

Zrzut ekranu z interfejsu użytkownika systemu Artclear, prezentujący funkcje weryfikacji autentyczności dzieł sztuki za pomocą technologii blockchain i IoT w innowacyjnym rozwiązaniu.
Providing IT services to a blockchain-based solution for the fine art industry
Discover how we transformed the fine art world with Artclear. Dive into our journey, revolutionizing art authentication through cutting-edge tech.Witness the innovation and transformative power of advanced IT solutions.
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Development of a blockchain protocol for a DeFi application
Explore how revolutionizes Decentralized Finance by unlocking asset potential across blockchains. Dive into challenges, processes, and outcomes of our partnership in this intricate case study.
Unlock DeFi's future
Development of a custom blockchain fundraising platform
Delve into our comprehensive case study on Colony: A DeFi startup that redefined the crypto landscape with its innovative Ecosystem Farming approach. Witness the challenges, solutions, and remarkable outcomes.
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Building the world’s leading cryptoasset compliance software
Discover how Elliptic transformed cryptoasset risk management with our bespoke software solutions. Witness the journey of collaboration, challenges, and results in pioneering crypto compliance.
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Delivering Efficient and Usable Frontend Layers for Modernity and Usability.
Profectus Group aimed to revamp their frontend while ensuring API compatibility. Faced with a complex API and diverse user options, our team utilized React and Typescript to deliver a streamlined system.
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Development of frontend app managing DAO community workflows
For Joystream's autonomous governance, we revamped the frontend, tackled a dense governance app codebase, and launched the Atlas platform, featuring video uploads, NFT minting, and potential YouTube integration.
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