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Our core competencies

Frontier Blockchain

BTC development

Visual depiction of blockchain technology, illustrating interconnected blocks, cryptographic elements, and a decentralized network structure, representing the fundamental concepts of blockchain.

Integral Blockchain

Smart Contract development
Smart contract / protocol auditing
Wallets & Blockchain Integrations

Digital Realms &
Asset Management

NFT Marketplace
NFT Collections
Onchain Analytics

Decorative graphic illustrating the concept of blockchain technology, featuring abstract elements and digital motifs that represent interconnected data blocks and secure cryptographic chains.

Tailored Blockchain

FinTech infrastructure

Blockchain for supply chain
Blockchain for ESG
DApp & DEX development


Why partner with us?

Committed developers with a knack for blockchain analytics.

Elite group of over 90 tech specialists.

Core team of 17 senior engineers, masters in blockchain technology.

Deep cross-disciplinary knowledge embedded in our team's DNA.

Over 30 successful blockchain initiatives under our belt.

Smooth adaptability to your specific needs.

Transparent approach that ensures clarity at every stage.

Focused emphasis on secure and fraud-free solutions.

Steadfast commitment to effective communication, ensuring transparency.

Over 40 five-star reviews on, highlighting our dedication to excellence.

Unwavering commitment reflected in our pursuit of your complete satisfaction.

Kick-off in just two weeks from initial contact.

Agile scaling methodologies to perfectly align with your project's evolving needs.

Time-to-market reduced by 31,5%.

Effective discovery process to precisely define your business needs.

Cost-efficient solutions tailored to fit, not just the latest, but the right technology for you.

End-to-end care, from initial workshops to ongoing development.

Support to ensure your product stays up-to-date and competitive.

Continuous alignment with the latest market trends, prioritizing robust security measures.


Our Blockchain Solutions

Bespoke blockchain app development

We provide a full-cycle development services to craft applications and products that harness blockchain technology for secure transactions, digital asset control, and fortifying your entire ecosystem.

Smart Contract Excellence

Automation is where we shine. Within the realm of blockchain, this manifests as smart contracts that improve services and prevent fraudulent transactions.

DEX, CEX & Trading Platforms

Our team knows how to craft and tailor secure, UX-friendly cryptocurrency wallets and exchange applications, complemented by top-notch customer support.

Distributed Applications (dApps)

We deploy decentralized applications for clients keen on tapping into opportunities such as cryptocurrency, advanced supply chain data tracking, and eliminating intermediaries.

Non-fungible token development

We transform digital assets into unique NFTs and offer guidance on effectively deploying NFT technology.

Blockchain Innovation

Dive into the future with our cool blockchain innovations – from token magic to eco-friendly tracking!


Navigating the blockchain landscape

Innovation & Discovery

Journey with us into the vast realm of blockchain. We prioritize identifying pertinent blockchain applications, ensuring our clients not only understand but harness the full spectrum of blockchain capabilities.

Strategy Formulation

Once we have clarity on the possibilities, we co-create. We'll support you in defining crystal-clear blockchain objectives and will help in crafting compelling business narratives for gaining stakeholder buy-in.

Prototyping & Testing

The next phase involves bringing ideas to tangible life. Experience swift blockchain prototyping, backed by our broad spectrum of proof-of-concept solutions from various sectors. We remain nimble, ensuring we align with the ever-adapting blockchain environment, keeping you at the forefront.

Product Realization

Our elite team of blockchain experts will be at your service, optimizing your business processes and building applications that resonate with your distinct needs. Count on us for end-to-end support to ensure flawless integration of your blockchain aspirations.


Our clients say


"The collaboration with 4soft enabled us to successfully launch a DeFi platform in just three months. The initial workshops helped us avoid some potentially costly mistakes. Their specialists are reliable, and their top management oversees the partnership. Overall, the entire Colony team was pleased to work with 4soft hand in hand."

Elie Le Rest

“We are impressed with 4soft’s work pace and experience. They act quickly and contribute significant blockchain market context that comes from their past projects, combined with expertise from other software development areas. So happy to have come across them.“

Wilson Davis
COO at Paribus

“What impresses me most about 4soft is their adaptability to our business. They provide both top-quality code and valuable blockchain business insights.I’d recommend 4soft to anyone who needs both proactive tech specialists and business expertise for their project.”

Lukas Kujawa
Engineering Director at Elliptic

“4soft’s team added a lot of value to our product development process, providing us with the expertise we needed to bring this complex project to life. The team was very professional and capable of instantly reacting to the inevitable changes that occur in the design phase of such an innovative project.”

Sanjeev Kumar
Chief Technology Officer at Artclear

"They’ve been skillful, proficient, and good communicators throughout the workflow. Thanks to 4soft’s effort, we have successfully delivered the initial release of our v2 governance app by building new modules and enhancing its features. The team executed a smooth workflow and used an agile approach to ensure the project’s success."

Dmitry Meltsov
Head of Product at Jsgenesis

Transform your business with Blockchain

Banking & Fintech

Embrace the future of transactions with our trailblazing blockchain solutions. Venture into a transformative landscape where traditional banking is reimagined. Our cutting-edge technologies redefine transactional speed, security, and transparency and reshape regulatory compliance, risk management, and decision-making efficiency.

Logistics & supply chain

Leave behind the limitations of paper-based record-keeping and traditional challenges, from lost documents to delayed shipments. Our technology introduces unmatched security, traceability, and efficiency, revolutionizing operations and fostering a future defined by transparency and trust.


In an era where data breaches cost businesses billions and threats constantly evolve, leave behind vulnerabilities like human errors, ransomware attacks, and delayed security patches. Our blockchain-driven approach offers unparalleled security by capitalizing on decentralization, automating data storage to minimize errors, and ensuring data remains untamperable. By decentralizing digital assets, we tackle hackers with their own distributed strategies, preventing potential threats.

Transportation & mobility

Transition to a future where vehicle-to-vehicle communication is secured with blockchain's unbeatable encryption, eliminating vulnerabilities in autonomous mobility networks. Say goodbye to the age-old problems of odometer tampering with blockchain-integrated smart odometers that sync with GPS for tamperproof data storage. Embrace shared mobility with direct individual-to-individual interactions without third-party intervention, all powered by our blockchain solutions.

Healthcare Technology

Curtail the risks of data breaches and insurance frauds, while also combating counterfeit medicines. With blockchain, ensure a transparent and traceable drug supply chain, and emulate global leaders in integrating healthcare data seamlessly. Embrace a future where healthcare is more secure, efficient, and patient-centric.

Energy & Infrastructure

Imagine optimized billing systems, revolutionary trading platforms, and enhanced grid management in energy. Streamline grid management, ensuring efficient data storage, robust smart grid oversight, and heightened security during data transmission. Envision a seamlessly integrated infrastructure, connecting everything from supply chains to banking. Don't just adapt; lead the transformation and set new efficiency and sustainability standards for your business.

Our technology stack

























Recent projects

Zrzut ekranu z interfejsu użytkownika systemu Artclear, prezentujący funkcje weryfikacji autentyczności dzieł sztuki za pomocą technologii blockchain i IoT w innowacyjnym rozwiązaniu.
Providing IT services to a blockchain-based solution for the fine art industry
Discover how we transformed the fine art world with Artclear. Dive into our journey, revolutionizing art authentication through cutting-edge tech.Witness the innovation and transformative power of advanced IT solutions.
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Development of a blockchain protocol for a DeFi application
Explore how revolutionizes Decentralized Finance by unlocking asset potential across blockchains. Dive into challenges, processes, and outcomes of our partnership in this intricate case study.
Unlock DeFi's future
Development of a custom blockchain fundraising platform
Delve into our comprehensive case study on Colony: A DeFi startup that redefined the crypto landscape with its innovative Ecosystem Farming approach. Witness the challenges, solutions, and remarkable outcomes.
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Building the world’s leading cryptoasset compliance software
Discover how Elliptic transformed cryptoasset risk management with our bespoke software solutions. Witness the journey of collaboration, challenges, and results in pioneering crypto compliance.
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Delivering Efficient and Usable Frontend Layers for Modernity and Usability.
Profectus Group aimed to revamp their frontend while ensuring API compatibility. Faced with a complex API and diverse user options, our team utilized React and Typescript to deliver a streamlined system.
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Development of frontend app managing DAO community workflows
For Joystream's autonomous governance, we revamped the frontend, tackled a dense governance app codebase, and launched the Atlas platform, featuring video uploads, NFT minting, and potential YouTube integration.
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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of blockchain?
Blockchain can revolutionize your business by increasing efficiency, security, and transparency. It's not just a technology; it's a business enabler. At 4soft, we have the expertise to seamlessly integrate blockchain into your existing systems. Get in touch to leverage the future today!
What are the different types of blockchains?
We specialize in developing solutions across public, private, and consortium blockchains. Each offers unique advantages tailored to different business needs. Contact us to find out which type is most suited for your organizational requirements.
What are the best practices for blockchain development?
When you partner with 4soft, you're not just getting a service; you're getting years of expertise and best practices in blockchain development. Our methods guarantee reliable, secure, and scalable solutions. Let's talk about bringing industry-best practices to your project!
What are your pricing options for blockchain development?
Quality meets affordability at 4soft. We offer various pricing models to suit your budget without compromising on the excellence of the output. Reach out for a customized quote that meets your needs.
What are the challenges of blockchain?
While there are challenges such as scalability and regulatory concerns, 4soft can guide you through the maze of technological intricacies to achieve a reliable and robust blockchain solution. Don't let challenges deter you; let us turn them into opportunities for your business.
What do you need to provide a quotation?
To deliver a precise and competitive quote, we’ll need some details from you. The more we understand your vision and requirements, the better we can tailor a solution that fits your budget and exceeds your expectations. Contact us to initiate the first step toward your blockchain solution.
What are your security practices for blockchain development?
Security is woven into the fabric of our blockchain development practices. With 4soft, you're not just getting a secure blockchain; you're also gaining peace of mind. Contact us to know more about our unparalleled security measures.