Building a decentralized video streamlining application- Jsgenesis

Development of frontend application managing the Joystream DAO community workflows.

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Tech Details


the client

About Jsgenesis

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Jsgenesis is the company behind Joystream – a video streaming platform in development until it achieves the state of autonomous governance. The company was established in 2018 and has since set out to build a truly decentralized and self-governing platform.

The Challenge

Jsgenesis needed support in developing the frontend part of the governance product. The most challenging part of the project was the handover of a large and complex codebase of the feature-rich governance app connected with runtime nodes and query nodes that index blockchain data. Our team was set to handle that.

The Process

Our team helped Jsgenesis deliver the initial release of the v2 governance platform and iterated it forward, building new modules and enhancing the existing functionality. The entire workflow went smoothly as our specialists were flexible in adopting the agile process that worked for the company. They actively participated in process-related retrospectives aimed at fine-tuning the delivery.

the results

What we achieved

Our team helped deliver a functional application that the community and the client are very satisfied with. The modules and functionalities we worked on received positive feedback from the community.

As a result of our work, the company released the DAO and the main platform, Atlas/Gleev. Atlas is a user interface that allows users to interact with the Joystream network. Apart from uploading and displaying videos, the platform includes NFT minting from owned videos and trading them, as the possibility of integrating Atlas instances with YouTube (connecting accounts to wallets so that it automatically uploads YouTube videos to the website).


Our client says

"They’ve been skillful, proficient, and good communicators throughout the workflow. Thanks to 4soft’s effort, we have successfully delivered the initial release of our v2 governance app by building new modules and enhancing its features. The team executed a smooth workflow and used an agile approach to ensure the project’s success."

Dmitry Meltsov
Head of Product at Jsgenesis