Revolutionizing Fine Art: Blockchain Meets Authenticity and Security

Providing IT services to a blockchain-based solution for the fine art industry – Artclear.

Zrzut ekranu z interfejsu użytkownika systemu Artclear, prezentujący funkcje weryfikacji autentyczności dzieł sztuki za pomocą technologii blockchain i IoT w innowacyjnym rozwiązaniu.
Graphic showing gears symbolizing the integration of blockchain, machine learning, and technology.

Tech Details

BlockchainSolidityMachine Learning
PythonAWSTerraform Multi Services
Node.jsReact IoT

the client

About Artclear

Artclear is a technology company that links physical artworks to verifiable facts about them, providing the infrastructure to address long-standing challenges in the art world concerning the identification and authentication of artworks.

Zrzut ekranu z interfejsu użytkownika systemu Artclear, prezentujący funkcje weryfikacji autentyczności dzieł sztuki za pomocą technologii blockchain i IoT w innowacyjnym rozwiązaniu.

The Challange

The company was looking for a team of IT specialists who would help to develop an advanced backend system, while understanding its requirements in-depth, and selecting the best tools and technologies for the job.Artclear’s project integrates IoT technologies, as well as blockchain, an ecosystem of client applications, and a suite of client-facing and backend tools. Since the company uses its technology to protect high-value works of art, the system must be fortified against attacks and adhere to proper design principles, ensuring long-term scalability

The Process

The process began with a series of workshops with the client, during which our software architect created product specifications. Our next step was to validate these proposals and identify the most important challenges and problems.We created mock-ups and discussed them with the development team responsible for bringing the solution to life. We created tasks, defined key project milestones, and developed functionalities. We implemented them on infrastructure levels. Moreover, the system integrates Artclear’s specially designed scanning devices with the platform we have built.

Screenshot of the Artclear user interface displaying the art authenticity verification features using blockchain and IoT technology in an innovative solution.

What we achieved

Decorative graphic illustrating the concept of blockchain technology, featuring abstract elements and digital motifs that represent interconnected data blocks and secure cryptographic chains.

We are Artclear’s software development partner, discussing key problems and making decisions based on our expertise. We have successfully developed token-minting capabilities, which are now live and allows users to generate blockchain-secured Certificates of Authenticity for scanned artworks in a matter of clicks. Following the completion of the MVP stage, we’re currently in the process of developing the end-user interface.

Through the system we have developed for Artclear, users can seamlessly implement Artclear’s service. From one location, Artclear’s clients can register artwork details, book scans and generate secure digital Certificates of Authenticity for their works of art. Using blockchain technology, we create immutable records of the encrypted data collected by Artclear’s scanners, forming the foundation of the Artclear certificates. These records will be used to definitively identify the artworks in future scans, establishing key characteristics of the artworks and ensuring undisputed expertise in the re-authentication process.The undeniable strengths of this project are its levels of innovation – there being no similar products available; the use of advanced technologies and fantastic cooperation between a strong team of specialists.


Our client says

"4soft’s team added a lot of value to our product development process, providing us with the expertise we needed to bring this complex project to life. The team was very professional and capable of instantly reacting to the inevitable changes that occur in the design phase of such an innovative project."

Sanjeev Kumar
Chief Technology Officer at Artclear