Design Meets Charity: Revolutionizing fundraising through design & tech

Join us on a creative ride and learn how we reinvented Mueshi's fundraising platform.

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Our Design Arsenal:


the client

About Mueshi

Imagine a platform where art, collectibles, and charity merge beautifully. That's Mueshi, our Miami-based partner, redefining non-profit fundraising. Their unique approach to raising capital through alternative assets gave us an exciting canvas to unleash our creative prowess.

Challange Accepted

Our mission? To echo Mueshi's innovative spirit in their digital presence. We set out to craft a user experience that was not just functional but a delight to their diverse community of art lovers and philanthropists.

Our Creative Process

Getting the Vibes Right:
It all started with understanding Mueshi's heartbeat - their vision, their audience, and the impact they wanted.

Designing with Purpose:
Through regular, coffee-fueled brainstorming sessions, we pieced together a design that was more than pixels - it was Mueshi's story.

Iterative Magic:
We believe in evolution, not revolution. So, we refined, tweaked, and polished, keeping Mueshi in the loop every step of the way.

Our Solutions

Style Guide that Speaks Mueshi:
We didn’t just pick colors and fonts; we crafted a visual language that screams Mueshi's identity.

UX Audit, Not Just a Check-Up:

This was a deep dive into Mueshi's world to spot opportunities to amaze their users.

Website Redesign - Where Art Meets Heart:
More than a makeover, we sculpted a digital space where visitors feel the essence of Mueshi.

Redefining the Auction Journey:
Bidding, buying, and falling in love with art and charity has never been easier or more fun.

Responsive Design for All Screens:
Because great experiences don’t play favorites with devices.


What we achieved

Business Model Like No Other:
Users of all ages, including seniors, are not just visiting; they're staying, exploring, and engaging more than ever, thanks to our inclusive approach.

Conversions? Skyrocketing:
Our light-mode-centric redesigned landing page now serves as a welcoming gateway, where visitors of every age can comfortably embark on their Mueshi journey.

Auction Flows Smooth as Silk:
Bidding in our auctions, now focused more on charity and luxury goods, feels like a breeze, receiving glowing feedback from a diverse audience.

Comfort for All Ages:
Our platform, consistently in light mode, offers comfort and accessibility, making it a hit among users of all ages who seek a less strenuous visual experience.

Seamless Across Devices: Mueshi's platform shines on any screen, thanks to our responsive design finesse, attracting a wide demographic with its focus on luxury goods and charitable causes.