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An application that brings a wealth of features to Amazon-based businesses

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Tech Details


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About ZonGuru

Amazon doesn’t provide the necessary information an entrepreneur may need to develop their business in this leading marketplace. With that in mind, ZonGuru’s objective is to provide quick and easy solutions that help sellers identify profitable niches and facilitate the analysis and optimization of Amazon-based businesses.

The Challenge

ZonGuru was looking to build a plugin that automatically retrieves information when the user searches for products on Amazon, informs them about potential earnings, and checks the profitability of this investment. To realize this vision within the set timeline, ZonGuru teamed up with 4soft.

The Solution

Our team focused on creating a simple, user-friendly solution where sellers get all the key data on a single screen. However, despite its user-friendly look, the application implements complex processes in the background. Using built-in filters, it aggregates additional data from an external client API and comprehensively analyzes the collected information. This guarantees that all results are precise and valuable for the seller’s business.

The Challenge

ZonGuru’s Amazon Seller Central is quite an extensive tool, and the plugin created by the 4soft team helps optimize some of the sales processes. For example, business owners can use it to forecast when specific goods will run out or the estimated number of items that will get sold in a given period (with good accuracy). The solution also includes a keyword generator, allowing sellers to take full advantage of the available space and fill it with relevant search terms. Finally, a feature automatically asks the buyer for their opinion about the purchased item.


What we achieved

Creating the plugin was just the beginning of the collaboration between ZonGuru and 4soft. The end result of this project called for permanent cooperation. Since our team delivered the app, it has also supported the company with a continual improvement process by adapting the solution to newer versions of the Amazon website and constantly introducing advancements.

ZonGuru has gained a competitive edge since our plugin turned out to be providing much better results than other solutions available on the market. In effect, the users could now enjoy access to more accurate estimations and more detailed data.