Custom Mobile Application for a Last-Mile Delivery Company – URB-E

Revolutionizing Urban Logistics.

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Tech Details


the client

About URB-E

URB-E is a company that develops a compact container delivery network with the goal of replacing trucks with small electric vehicles designed for every neighborhood. URB-E’s electric-powered, collapsible containers can be seen around New York, Los Angeles, and other urban locations – enabling fast, clean last-mile delivery for major retailers and e-commerce companies. URB-E is venture-funded, backed by UBS Group, and headquartered in Los Angeles.

The Challenge

The company was looking for a reliable service provider to develop a mobile application using the latest approaches and technologies. The user experience was an important factor in the success of the app, and so it has become the focus of the mobile development project. After reviewing our portfolio, URB-E decided to move forward with our collaboration and delegate the task of designing, developing, and testing the mobile application to our team of specialists.

The Process

We started with the ideation and requirements gathering phase, asking the client detailed questions to understand the business logic for the application. Next, our designers created simple UI sketches and prototypes so we could agree on the user flow in the mobile app. While frontend designers developed the app’s look and feel, backend experts took care of all the underlying plumbing, making sure that the application delivered a great performance. Finally, the application was tested and delivered to URB-E.

the results

What we achieved

Our team delivered a functional mobile application in line with the business requirements and delivered a fantastic experience to URB-E users.