Torus: Innovating Cryptocurrency with Renewable Energy Investments

Building a Sustainable Financial Ecosystem through Expert Blockchain Integration and Development

Graphic showing gears symbolizing the integration of blockchain, machine learning, and technology.

Tech Details


the client

Project Goal

The goal of the Torus Project was to create a cryptocurrency that will let people invest in renewable energy sources and benefit from their popularity. We created a perfect fundraising platform for them.

The Challenge

The Torus project aims at combining the cryptocurrency industry and renewable energy sources. They came up with an idea of a system , that allows users to participate in renewable energy investments.
A user who invests in a new cryptocurrency will be able to collect a dividend as well as actively participate in voting on the company’s operations. The weight of his voice and the amount of the dividend will depend on the size of his investment.
To deliver this system, they required specialistic knowledge and crypto market expertise.

The Solution

We built a platform that allows to sell tokens and obtain funds for investments, compatible with Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet.
For the emission of cryptocurrency to be successful, appropriate investors should be attracted. For this purpose, we have designed a website presenting the main idea of the project.

main features

What we achieved

Decorative graphic illustrating the concept of blockchain technology, featuring abstract elements and digital motifs that represent interconnected data blocks and secure cryptographic chains.

Our team has designed and created a platform that allows registered and verified users to easily deposit into an internal virtual wallet Bitcoin or Ethereum. The collected funds allow you to purchase tokens, which determine the amount of the dividend and the weight of the vote.

In creating cryptocurrencies, security is an extremely important factor. The application enables the activation of two-stage authentication, thanks to which investors have full control over their account and confidence that their funds are safe.