Custom frontend development for DeFi applications – Tazz

Revolution in the User Interface of DeFi Applications.

Graphic showing gears symbolizing the integration of blockchain, machine learning, and technology.

Tech Details


the client

About Tazz

Tazz is a company operating in the crypto/fintech market. The company was looking for a team of specialists who would create an attractive and usable user interface for its DeFi applications.

The Challenge

The most important element of the project was the mechanism for users to borrow DeFi assets while maintaining full decentralization of the application. This posed another challenge – the team needed to avoid the use of the classic backend architecture. To address this challenge, our team of specialists used a graph to scrape data from the blockchain. This data was then processed and served to the frontend of the DeFi application.

The Process

We approached the project using our proven process, which starts with defining the client’s needs, identifying the technology and main functionalities, followed by design and frontend programming. The graphic designer delivers UI designs while the frontend developer works on the code, reaching out to the client for feedback once every few days.

the results

What we achieved

The project is still in progress, and the application’s UI has just entered the coding phase. If you’re interested in enhancing your DeFi application with an attractive UI, get in touch with us!
Our experts are here to help you create an app that captivates users and makes their experience better.