Double Blockchain Platform

A complex environment with double blockchain solution

Graphic showing gears symbolizing the integration of blockchain, machine learning, and technology.

Tech Details


the client

Project's Goal

Client came up with an innovative idea – a platform that utilizes double-intertwined blockchains to reduce money transfer costs. We built for him a safe and secure double blockchain platform.

The Challenge

Our client came up with an innovative idea to create a platform that utilizes double intertwined blockchains.The tokens were meant to be freely interchangeable between those two networks.

The Solution

We created two tokens: one public, based on Ethereum, and the second one on private Quorum blockchain (both tokens are compliant with ERC20 standards and US regulations). Our team prepared a custom platform for those two tokens.

main features

What we achieved

Decorative graphic illustrating the concept of blockchain technology, featuring abstract elements and digital motifs that represent interconnected data blocks and secure cryptographic chains.

The platform utilizes a complex NodeJS mechanism based on the Web3 library, that allowed for a smooth transfer.
To make the solution as friendly as possible for the users, we’ve developed a Chrome extension that handles exchange and transferring processes (similar to

We complimented the project with a BIP39 complaint wallet. All that combined creates a platform that allows for easy transfers.