Blockchain Data Signer

A custom Blockchain to store license data

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Tech Details


The client

Project's Goal

License data are prone to fraud. An independent state telecommunication regulator asked us to create a platform to store help them store it in a safe and secure way.

The Challenge

We were contacted by an independent state regulator that controls broadcasting and telecommunication services. They set criteria and grant licenses for the operators.This kind of data are very vulnerable to cyber threats. The client had to come up with a proper solution to store them is a safe and secure way.

The Solution

The blockchain is a perfect way to store sensitive data in an immutable database. It can increase safety and reduce costs.
Our Blockchain development team in cooperation with a local partner created a solution based on custom Blockchain instance. We used a custom distributed ledger, that can be easily expanded with additional nodes if necessary. The entry contains an immutable license number that can be attributed to a chosen organization.

main features

What we achieved

What’s more, to give the client a better view and control on the platform, we implemented a dashboard to monitor Blockchain network status and provide the client with precise statistics.