Revolutionizing Insurance with Blockchain: Our Journey with Cerchia

Charting New Frontiers in Insurance Technology through Advanced Blockchain Solutions.

Graphic showing gears symbolizing the integration of blockchain, machine learning, and technology.

Tech Details

Blockchain Development

the client

About Cerchia

Cerchia, a visionary company in Zug, Switzerland, excels in automating parametric event risk payouts with smart contracts. Despite being a small team, their impact on the insurance sector is profound and innovative.

The Challenge

Our collaborative challenge was complex and multi-layered. The primary task with Cerchia's Direct Risk Transfer platform was not merely integrating blockchain technology but also adapting and enhancing the existing system to meet evolving market needs. Our focus was on refining the smart contracts to ensure they were secure, scalable, and adept at handling the specific requirements of insurance transactions. This required a combination of technical acumen and an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology's applications in the context of Cerchia's established insurance methodologies. The goal was to complement and elevate Cerchia's already sophisticated platform, contributing to its efficiency and future readiness in the insurance technology landscape.

The Process

Comprehensive Analysis:
We started with a thorough analysis of Cerchia’s requirements to tailor a blockchain solution that fits perfectly.
Strategic Planning:
Developed a comprehensive strategy that balances innovation with practicality in blockchain application.
Stepwise Implementation:
Outlined a detailed implementation process to integrate smart contracts with minimal disruption.
Regular Communication:
Ensured alignment through continuous communication, adapting to changes and feedback.
Rigorous Testing & Deployment:
Conducted extensive testing before deploying smart contracts, ensuring peak performance and reliability.


We played a crucial role in enhancing and optimizing Cerchia's existing smart contracts, employing the 'Diamond Proxy' method to focus on scalability and efficiency. Our joint efforts were dedicated to strengthening and expanding the capabilities of Cerchia's blockchain technology in the insurance sector. This endeavor was pivotal in ensuring the long-term growth and adaptability of Cerchia's operations within the dynamic world of insurance technology.

the results

What we achieved

We achieved a significant milestone with the successful execution of the first transaction on the DRT Marketplace, paving the way for a new standard in blockchain-based insurance transactions.
The introduction of diverse indices for services like wildfire insurance and cyber security protection expanded Cerchia's offerings.
Optimization efforts streamlined Cerchia’s operations, significantly enhancing their efficiency and system reliability.

Noble Achievements

This collaboration marked a turning point in peer-to-peer risk transfer, eliminating intermediaries and revolutionizing insurance technology. Our blockchain solutions set new benchmarks in the insurance technology sector.

This case study is a testament to how our blockchain expertise has transformed Cerchia’s operations, making them pioneers in the insurance technology landscape. It demonstrates our ability to deliver complex, groundbreaking solutions that drive industry-wide innovation.