Scaling up
e-commerce business processes – Artgeist

Development of an internal system for product management and order fulfillment.

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Tech Details


the client

About Artgeist

Artgeist is a leading picture and photo wallpaper e-commerce store in Poland. Operating globally, the company offers top-quality products in over 17 countries. To fulfill the growing order volume, Artgeist now has over 250 employees on board and keeps expanding the warehouse space. Since the business sells online, the development and optimization of e-commerce channels are one of the top priorities within the company.

the scope

The Challenge

Multiple brands, thousands of products, various fulfillment options, and delivery to over 17 countries… When an online business grows as rapidly as Artgeist does, it calls for new digital solutions, and the efficiency of the IT architecture is on a knife edge. To keep up with evolving business needs, Artgeist decided to develop a new internal system for managing all of the products, order fulfillment and returns.

Another ongoing project focuses on improving the customer experience by adding new functionalities across the e-commerce stores.An important factor for Artgeist’s IT team was the limited in-house resources. That’s why the company was looking for a long-term technology partner that would provide a knowledgeable team of developers. 4soft was the best candidate for the job.

the process

4soft developers have been merged into Artgeist’s internal IT team. Our specialists focus only on the development of the application designed to manage internal processes: the warehouse, production line, order fulfillment, and returns.

Our developers’ scope of work includes maintenance and implementation of new features. Ongoing work also regards the legacy code. The company plans to get rid of it and rely entirely on new software by 2024.Collaborating in the Scrum methodology, the developers work in sprints. The project is managed by an in-house Product Owner and Scrum Master.

the results

What we achieved

The outcome of 4soft’s and Artgeist’s collaboration is a seamless IT team extension and outstanding performance. The development velocity is of great significance, as the internal management application is one of the key projects at the moment. Some of the business KPIs are tied to the proper implementation of the platform.