January 13, 2023

We have a new brand hero!

It landed at 4soft some time ago already, which we finally can announce. Please welcome the Flamingo – our new brand hero! From now on, we will be growing under its wings. What follows, it will be a regular guest in our online and offline materials.

The Symbolism of the Flamingo: Traveler, Discoverer, and Team Player

We have been thinking about our own mascot for a long time, and the Flamingo seemed like a perfect choice. Traveler and discoverer, always in great company, aims high, values strong bonds – considering all that, it just had to be Flamingo! As befits the cousin of the mythical phoenix, it has a fiery heart and flaming looks, which corresponds with 4soft’s essence.

Passion matters to us, and we always try to keep its flame in our team by choosing fascinating projects and organizing trips and training programs. Flamingo symbolizes that flame and the team spirit which we continuously nourish. Just like the flamboyance of flamingos, we like to stick together and strengthen our bonds, spending time in each other’s company. Flamingo also corresponds with the domains in which we specialize – blockchain and AI – still dynamically developing and unexplored.

The Inspiration Behind 4soft’s New Brand Hero

Except for its character, you’ll also find traces of 4soft’s specifics in Flamingo’s looks. Number 4, which is an integral element of our logo, gave shape to its wings. Looking closer, you can also notice this number in the way it puts its legs, finding the balance.

Happy and well-nourished with a good dose of knowledge, our Flamingo thrives, flaring up with vivid colors. As follows, our design changes as well, adopting beautiful pink shades. We’re not afraid of pink – quite contrarily, it’s a great energy boost and, at the same time, a way to stand out in a tech crowd. To allow our brand hero fully spread its wings, our brand designer decided to use 3D style, which is her signature. In such form, the Flamingo becomes even more eye-catching!

We hope you’ll welcome our new feathered member with open arms. With its landing in our 4soft nest, our visual language will undergo some radical changes. You can already notice some on our social media, but the best is still ahead of us.

May the Flamingo be with you!

January 13, 2023