June 12, 2018

How to Perfect Your Software Development and Karting Techniques - a Short 4soft Guide

Software development is a serious business, isn’t it? That’s why, every now and then, you need to let off some steam – kart racing and this post is our way of doing that.

It’s not all about throwing koopa shells and banana peels under your opponents – racing and development is about a smooth A-Z flow and execution.

Pick the right kart / developer

It is essential for your project. You are looking for a kart with fresh tires, that will give you good grip. In the same manner, a fresh & healthy developer that hasn’t been dragged around the racing track for miles will give your project better traction.

Remember they both need to warm up before they reach 100% efficiency.

Maintain the momentum of your kart / project

See? That’s the face of a man who realizes that he has to avoid drifting to win.

Even though drifting feels great, it slows you down. You never see it in the F1 tournaments – simply because smooth driving passes faster. Keep your kart right on the edge, where the tires begin to lose their grip.

The same truth applies when you’re working on a software project. Working too slow, you get bored and distracted – working too fast, you burn out. Find the perfect flow in between.

Enter turns carefully, exit fast

Be careful when approaching huge development challenges and turns.
But when you solve them, they open the way to quick progress.

Use this opportunity.

Keep control over you kart / project

Proper project and kart management is essential – remember to keep the perfect grip on the front tires, even if the back begins to slide a little bit.

Brake before you enter the turn / difficult point of the project

Use wide lines around the track. Breaking in straight line prevents sliding.

Taking breaks in work is equally important. And take them BEFORE the important moment, not during it, where you need 100% of your engine power.

Otherwise your project can end up in a pile of old tires, and someone else will have to come in to rescue you.

Follow the faster driver / experienced developer

When in doubt – follow someone more experienced. It will allow you to learn, to grow, and to set proper challenges.

And, of course, chasing someone with greater skills might be a worthy motivational tool.

And the final trick up your sleeve…

There is one secret technique to increasing your speed.

When you exit tighter turns, hop out of the driver seat.
It will free your engine and help you accelerate.

How can you relate this to software development?

I have no idea.

But you can simply join us and check it our during the next racing event with our team.

June 12, 2018